The Calico Fund, Inc.,

a Non-profit Corporation, chartered under laws of the State of Texas


The specific and primary purpose of The Calico Fund Inc., is to provide for the well-being of stray, abandoned and feral cats, including but not limited to their feeding, billeting, vaccination, adoption, spaying, neutering, licensing and veterinary care.  If necessary, the funds of the corporation may be used to euthanize cats if severely hurt or suffering from incurable or crippling diseases or wounds, depending on the recommendation of veterinarians and solely with their assistance. The corporation is authorized at its discretion to take legal action, including but not limited to the filing of civil law suits and criminal complaints, against persons who abuse and/or endanger the lives of cats; or maliciously and without cause kill, hurt and/or harass cats; or to assist other persons or institutions to bring such actions against abusers of cats, feral or domestic.

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The Calico Fund, Inc.

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Notice of Availability of Tax Return

The tax return of The Calico Fund, Inc. is available upon request from The Calico Fund, Inc. c/o Michael Skadden, President, P.O. Box 52893, Houston, TX  77052 or by email at A small charge may be required for copying and mailing.  The Corporation has applied for private foundation status.